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Join our happy customers in PA in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, Easton, Nazareth, Forks Township and NJ including Blairstown, Newton and Columbia and choose Kramer Sheds for your next Shed, Garage or outdoor structure!

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Wooden Swingsets Playsets

Model 805 (24'x14') Tube Slide, Three Swing Bar, Waterfall Slide $2,200

Model 851(32'x19') Waterfall Slide, Picnic Table, Rock Wall $2,795

Model 1202(26'x16') Playhouse Tube Slide, Glider $4,395

Model 703 (18'x14') Monkey Bars, Three Position Bar, Rock Wall $1,750

Model 804(19'x14') Sidewinder Slide, Waterfall Slide, Three Swing Bar $2,200

Model 601 (15'x12') Waterfall Slide, Three Swing Beam, Trapeze $995

Model 1252(18'x16') Playhouse, Waterfall Slide, Three Swing Bar $2,195

Model 1401(22'x15') Basketball Game, Rock Wall, Binoculars $2,695

Model 1502 (21'x16') Tube Slide, Catwalk, Cargo Net $2,850

Model 1503(21'x16') Tube Slide, Rock Wall, Tire Swing $3,350

Model 1601 (17'x16') Two Swing Bar, Cargo Net, Rock Wall $1,895

Model 1603(20'x17') Sidewinder Slide, Rock Wall, Tire Swing $2,895

Model 1604 (25'x17') Rock Wall, Tire Swing, Cargo Net $2,995

Model 1852 (25'x14') Waterfall Slide Tube Slide Three Swing Bar $2,395

Model 1853 (25'x19') Monkey Bars, Tube Slide, Rock Wall $3,600

Model 1902 (25'x16') Tube Slide, Waterfall Slide $2,695

Model 220 (25'x15') Tube Slide, Three Position Bar, Waterfall Slide $3,495

Model 803 (14'x18') Glider, Slide, Rock wall $1,950

Model 1052 (12'x 12') Waterfall Slide, Two Swings $1,075

Model 1253 (20'x16') Playhouse, Waterfall Slide, Glider $2,595

Model 1601 (17'x16') Two Swing Bar, Cargo Net, Rock Wall $1,895

Model 1751 (10'x23') Glider, Trapeze, Swing, Rock Wall $1,750

Model 1701 (16'x11') Cargo Net, Tire Swing, Trapeze $1,795

Model 1801 (20'x25') Tunnel, Bridge, Tube Slide $4,195

Model 1602 (17'x16') Cargo Net, Tire Swing, Rock Wall $1995

Model 1903 (27'x16') Tude Slide, Waterfall Slide, Glider $3050

Model 802 (16'x14') Waterfall Slide, 2 Swings, Trapeze $1550

Poconos Wooden Swingsets Playsets and Lehigh Valley Wooden Swingsets Playsets

Choose from a variety of wooden swingsets that have slides, swings, towers, decks, climber bars, rockwalls and more

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